The power backup advantage in Delhi’s smart city

What can a person possibly do when the lights go off? Probably wait and wait and wait for it to come back. And worse is the case when the power supply disappears in the evening when lights are inevitably requisite. We all live in the modern world where technology is at the forefront. We live because of technology, the kind of comforts we have is because of this advancement in technology. Had it not been there, we would still have been striking stones to ignite fire and then getting warmth from dry twigs and wood logs.
But, in reality, electricity is a very essential part of our lives. Our lives literally run on electricity. We use the computers so often that a person feels empty without it. No professional in today’s world can work without a PC. Our kitchens are full of electric appliances like a mixer, toaster and even an induction stove. Imagine if electricity runs out, we can’t work and worse we can’t cook. Life would be such a pain and it would certainly be impossible for us to perform any simple task that we actually do without any hassles nowadays.
That scenario happens to all of us but that is quite common in Delhi owing to a lot of power cuts. Because of this problem, the efficiency of Delhi’s workplaces has reduced. Electricity just goes off anytime and it makes even the most skilled labors just wait and wait and wait. Even people can’t cook without electricity. But that’s not the case in a smart city at Delhi. In Delhi’s smart cities, there is adequate power backup that never lets the electricity to just disappear. This makes you confident enough to do whatever work you are doing without the fear of missing out or losing out on something due to the shortage of electricity.

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