Stay secured with a smart city!

It is a common misconception that security is only limited to Police personnel patrolling the streets. More than anything, people think that a certain area or a building is secured if a watchman is employed on the gate or entrance. This belief has led to many thefts, chain-snatching incidents and other crimes. The problem is that, we do not understand the importance of having effective security systems. This problem rises with our lack of knowledge about what security exactly is. Most of us think that if there is no theft, crime or burglary going on, then the area is secured.
This is a major misconception because security is not self-defined by us. Security is the state of peace where the possibility of any kind of crime is less or negligible. Also, security is a system that doesn’t let anything go unnoticed. Security is far different than what we think. We also don’t realize its importance due to the same. When we are secured, we don’t even worry about our children going road side even at night. And when we are not secured, you would never leave your child unattended even if your child is just at the people residing next door.
Security systems are being ignored because they cost a bit, but people don’t realize that by making a small investment, we can ensure priceless security. One of the most important things can be gained with the mere investment of money, but we choose to avoid systems and endow our trust merely on the Police and on a watchman with a stick. To have secured boundaries and a safe society, we have to understand the essential aspect of security in a society and then work on it. First thing is, we have to analyze a place where we can have that level of security.
A smart home in a smart city is the ideal solution to all the problems we face in terms of being secured. Now, people may wonder, how can a smart city provide security? We all comprehend to the fact the smart cities provide great facilities for a greater standard of living and also a higher quality of lifestyle. We only view smart cities as residential areas that have better facilities, and that’s all we actually observe in it. But, we fail to see the greet security features benefiting us that are in-built in a smart city. Knowing that we will certainly know what smart cities actually provide to keep us secured.
Most importantly, smart cities provide 24/7 CCTV surveillance to every corner of the smart city. No quarter is left unattended and no problem actually occurs when a crime is committed and there is need for evidence. The footage recorded by these cameras help in knowing the location of the crime and identity of the criminals. Many crimes occur due to people masquerading as vendors and salesmen. They enter a house once it is vulnerable and commit crimes at will.
To tackle them, video phones for every household is provided. You can have a look at who is on your door before opening it up. Apart from the, the world class 3-tier security system doesn’t let even the hardened criminals to let in without identity. Now this is real security, as the person even with a criminal mind will think a hundred times before committing a crime or even before intending to do something like that. With such provisions at homes in smart cities, you can even leave your kids alone at home and not worry about any possible crime.

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