Choose the healthy option- Choose Smart Cities

It is a cramped world. Civilization is probably the worst thing that happened to humanity, but it is also the best. People earlier used to live in groups and small villages but now, we see massive cities and towns occupying massive pieces of land. It is very unacceptable when all the trees and forests are cut down in order to raise new societies and residential complexes. Everything in the nature is co-related. It’s not only the wild animals that are affected due to the eradication of forests; it’s also us who are coming in harm’s way.
Human beings need oxygen and fresh air all the time to stay healthy. Yes, this is the age of science and air conditioning does the trick for us, but no doctor in the world would suggest or prescribe or advocate the idea of lying in an air conditioned room when you’d be sick. The doctor would certainly ask you to go out and breathe some fresh air. But, you wouldn’t find any. All the trees have been cut down and there is hardly any space to plant any. The same environment that was brimming with fresh air has suddenly disappeared, denting a person’s health.
In more than one way, surroundings with fresh air play a major role in keeping a person in good health. But no residential complex can provide that as they all are cramped. There is hardly any space for sunlight to enter all homes, so how would it be possible for every person to get in contact with fresh air. Choosing a smart home is a wise choice as smart cities have adequate open and green spaces that ensure that wind blows well and all that extensive greenery makes sure that all the fresh air and oxygen rejuvenates your lungs and body every time you breathe.

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