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The valiant features of L zone Delhi

L Zone, Delhi is situated in close vicinity to Dwarka Sub City and Gurgaon. It additionally appreciates well availability and closeness to IGI Airport. DDA is creating it keeping in mind the end goal to meet the developing need of private condo in Delhi. DDA, under its Master Plan 2021 has isolated Delhi into 15 […]

The Rajhya Sabha has finally passed the Real Estate Bill

The Real Estate Bill that was highly anticipated since 3 years has finally been passed! It was not just the government but also the people who were biting their nails for this bill to be passed in the Rajhya Sabha. The proposal started off in 2013 and after many sessions of directionless debate, the Bill […]

The outset of the L-zone grandeur

Aspiring things always excite us and what is going on in the country is no exception. The announcement of commencing smart cities in India has clearly filled people with aspirations of development in India. The centre of it as of now will be Delhi, the national capital. In that, the L-zone’s plans have captured people’s […]

A Smart city is a fun and lively place to live in, with so many entertainment options available to enjoy your holidays and leisure time.

A Smart city is a fun and lively place to live in, with so many entertainment options available to enjoy your holidays and leisure time. Delhi has come over a long way and altered its image from being the city which had no night life to an elated city today, which has a well versed […]

Why homes in smart cities are the best you can get?

Many homes might impress a lot of people, but eventually they are not purchased. It is a known fact that people are impressed with every kind of design of a home. But, it’s not compulsory that they will buy it because impression is temporary. Then what are the factors that influence a decision of a […]

The power backup advantage in Delhi’s smart city

What can a person possibly do when the lights go off? Probably wait and wait and wait for it to come back. And worse is the case when the power supply disappears in the evening when lights are inevitably requisite. We all live in the modern world where technology is at the forefront. We live […]

Choose the healthy option- Choose Smart Cities

It is a cramped world. Civilization is probably the worst thing that happened to humanity, but it is also the best. People earlier used to live in groups and small villages but now, we see massive cities and towns occupying massive pieces of land. It is very unacceptable when all the trees and forests are […]

The epitome of secured living- Fire protection systems

Every smart city has a fine fire protection system that saves lives. Every individual needs to know the importance of fire protection and simply the equipment provided is not enough. Smoke cautions ought to be routinely tried to guarantee that they are as yet working. This is a basic activity which basically includes squeezing the […]

Stay secured with a smart city!

It is a common misconception that security is only limited to Police personnel patrolling the streets. More than anything, people think that a certain area or a building is secured if a watchman is employed on the gate or entrance. This belief has led to many thefts, chain-snatching incidents and other crimes. The problem is […]

A smart city is an ideal place for people of all age groups

Every person has different choices and preferences. A person has his likes and dislikes and his taste determines the things that will be beneficial for him. With growing age a person’s needs differ, his requirements change and so does his taste. For instance, a child needs mother’s milk initially but with time, the same child […]

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